Childbirth Education

Learn everything from breathing techniques during labor and delivery to postpartum expectations and pediatrician selection

The IGO Medical obstetricians encourage all expectant couples to participate in a prepared childbirth class during their pregnancy, to educate them on the labor and delivery process, and to arm them with helpful tips and tools to maximize comfort. Classes teach all of the childbirth preparation basics and provide informational handouts for each couple. Couples will learn effective ways to reduce stress and increase comfort during labor.

Classes specially designed to complement the care received by the IGO Medical obstetricians, held at the IGO Medical office, are led by Nancy Canty, our nurse practitioner. An informational flyer can be downloaded here. Classes are also available through Scripps Health and the Scripps Well Being Center; informational flyers for those classes can be downloaded here. All flyers have information regarding registration for whichever class best fits with your due date.


In our Childbirth Education course, you’ll learn about:

  • Effective ways to reduce stress and increase comfort during labor
  • Important information on the signs and stages of labor
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Common medications used in labor
  • Relevant hospital procedures
  • Cesarean procedure details
  • Post-postpartum information
  • Birth plans
  • Breastfeeding options
  • Pediatricians

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