Lactation Consultation

Breastfeeding coaching and support for new and expecting mothers from certified lactation counselors

Lactation instruction is an important part of the comprehensive perinatal care offered to our patients at IGO Medical Group by our nurse practitioner, who has specialized training and certification to assist you and your baby with optimal breastfeeding.

Private lactation instruction typically in a consultation visit during the first week following discharge from the hospital after delivery; however, new mothers are encouraged to call for an appointment at any time they feel the need.

Nancy Canty is a strong advocate for infant-led breastfeeding. She has found that this method results in more positive breastfeeding outcomes for both mother and baby. She provides assistance to support normal breastfeeding and addresses problems such as insufficient milk supply, sore nipples, mastitis, and other concerns. IGO Medical Group also has a pediatric scale to measure how much milk a baby receives during feeding as well as overall weight gain.


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