Fertility Assessment and Preconception Care

Innovative and individualized treatment from one of the oldest and widely respected OB-GYN practices in Southern California

Most small miracles happen naturally. About 80% of couples of reproductive age who engage in regular, unprotected intercourse will become pregnant in 12 months or less. For men and women who have fertility issues, IGO Medical Group offers assisted reproductive treatments in a safe, relaxed environment.

IGO Medical is one of the oldest and most respected fertility clinics in San Diego. We performed the first IVF procedure in San Diego in 1983 and although we no longer offer IVF, we continue to offer a highly personalized fertility evaluation, work-up and non-IVF treatment options. Our specialists will discuss the particular issues that you are facing and assist in finding a solution that works for you. With our proven experience and success rates, nearly everyone who wants to be pregnant can conceive and have a healthy baby. Hence, our motto: “We make small miracles every day”.


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Our Assisted Reproductive Technologies include:

Gynecology and Minimally Invasive Surgery

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Bone Densitometry

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