Phlebotomy Services

Expertly handled bloodwork and on-site testing

IGO Medical Group boasts a team of dedicated and highly trained licensed phlebotomy technicians who are available full-time to expertly handle your blood work. They can draw your blood on-site during your appointment and send it to certified reference labs for testing. You will receive your test results within days on your MyChart portal, and your care team can access these results through Epic electronic records. We offer a full range of bloodwork, urine, and infectious disease testing.

IGO Medical Group also offers on-site testing for certain types of vaginal infections, and you can expect to receive the results on the same day. This comprehensive suite of laboratory testing is designed to provide a seamless and convenient healthcare experience for our patients without the need to make a second stop at an outside laboratory.

Lab Hours: 8:00AM - 4:00PM



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