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We are committed to your well being.

IGO PhysiciansOur mission at IGO is to provide high-quality, ethical, and private medical care to women and to their partners, including obstetrical, gynecological, hormone replacement, and infertility services. Our doctors are here to assist you with your health care.

We seek to ensure patient comfort, confidentiality, and timely care by offering appropriate and cost-effective ancillary medical procedures through quality laboratory, mammography and ultrasound services. IGO’s goal is to be known for excellence in all aspects of its operations and for outstanding service to our patients and our community.

Our office is open from 8 AM to 5 PM weekdays, Monday through Friday. There is always a physician on-call that can be reached for after hours emergencies by calling 858-455-7520.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Missed appointments mean lost revenue for the office and delayed medical evaluation for other patients in need. If you cannot make your appointment, please notify the office at least one business day in advance to avoid the cancellation or no-show charge of $50.