The latest X-ray imaging method for detecting and diagnosing breast cancer

Mammography is an X-ray technique used to examine the breasts that helps doctors detect breast cancer at an early stage, when treatment can be most effective. IGO Medical Group is a licensed mammography facility staffed by certified mammography technologists. We use digital mammography technology that provides the latest advantages for screening and early detection of breast cancer.

IGO Medical Group’s mammography technologists have many years of experience and are compassionate and sensitive to the needs of our patients. They educate patients on breast health and self breast examination so they can detect changes themselves at an early stage.

All mammography X-rays are read by the board-certified radiology physicians of Scripps Clinic Medical Group (radiologists formerly of La Jolla Radiology Medical Group). You can have your mammogram done conveniently and more privately at the time of your annual exam or Pap and avoid having to schedule another appointment or travel to a different facility.

IGO Medical’s accreditation include

  • State of California Mammography Facility and Equipment Accreditation
  • FDA-Certified Mammography Facility
  • American College of Radiology Mammography Accreditation Program


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