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IGO Makes Small Miracles Happen Every Day

Of course, most of our “small miracles” get started all by themselves, with no help from us: 80% of couples of reproductive age who have regular “unprotected” intercourse will be pregnant in twelve months or less. For those who do not get pregnant in that period of time, in almost all cases, a “little help from your friends” at IGO Medical Group can get you started with a pregnancy of your own. IGO is the oldest comprehensive Ob-Gyn-Infertility practice in San Diego and one of the most widely respected.

We had the first IVF pregnancy in San Diego, in 1983 and we have continued to offer complete infertility services at all levels, from simple to complex, ever since.

All of our specialists are available to discuss any of the particular issues that you are dealing with, and assist in finding a solution that works for you.

Nearly everyone who wants to be pregnant can be. Hence, our motto: “We make small miracles every day”.

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