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Our Physicians and Staff Can Accommodate All Your Gynecological Needs

Our goal is to provide personally tailored care and expertise in every aspect of the normal and abnormal function of the female reproductive system, and the closely related areas fundamental to the health and well-being of our patients.

Primary care, annual exams, mammography, bone density analysis, hormone replacement therapy, gynecologic surgery, ultrasound, and laboratory testing are available.

MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch is now available at IGO as a treatment for painful sexual relations due to menopausal changes. To learn more about this innovative laser treatment to improve your gynecologic health visit your IGO physician or click on the link below.

Information on MonaLisa Touch

Follow this link for the 2012 update to the Pap Smear Guidelines: Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

IGO also has available printed materials on virtually every gynecological condition or question, from sexually transmitted diseases, to heavy menses, to uterine and ovarian tumors, to sterilization. Ask for a copy of our information on the topic of your interest during your doctor’s visit.

Additional Information:

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