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Full Service Laboratory

Full Service Laboratory

Clinical Laboratory, Phlebotomy and Andrology

The IGO Medical Group Laboratory is a fully licensed and accredited clinical laboratory facility. Founded in 1982 in order to provide convenience for our patients and rapid turn-around times for hormone results, it has grown to be a full service laboratory. With everything on-site within our office suite, we can conveniently and confidentially obtain specimens for laboratory testing and we can schedule laboratory test performance to provide results in a timely fashion to facilitate medical decisions to optimize patient care. This is particularly important for our patients undergoing infertility treatment or fine-tuning their hormone therapy for menopause treatment.

The clinical laboratory is staffed by a group of highly-trained and licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientists with years of providing precise and accurate laboratory test results with an acute sensitivity to the needs of our patients and physicians. Our Certified Phlebotomists are very skilled at obtaining blood specimens quickly and painlessly and have a special rapport with patients to help them feel at ease in a situation that can sometimes be stressful.

Test menus include complete hormone evaluations, microbiology (cultures to detect and identify treatments for bacterial infections), hematology (blood cell counts), blood chemistry (liver function, kidney function and lipid panel testing), urinalysis, blood typing, antibody testing and complete semen analysis.

The Andrology Section of the IGO Medical Group Laboratory is a California Licensed Tissue Bank. It provides complete andrology services to our patients including complete semen analysis (Computer Assisted Sperm count and motility measurements, and sperm morphology by strict criteria), antisperm antibody testing, sperm washing for intrauterine insemination and therapeutic donor inseminations using cryopreserved semen specimens from an outside commercial sperm bank selected by the patient, and semen cryopreservation and short term storage for patient convenience.

The Andrology Laboratory is staffed by highly trained Clinical Laboratory Scientists and Biologists who have specialized training and years of experience with andrology and assisted reproductive technology procedures.

Licensing and Accreditation:

CLIA ID#05D0683043 Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (Federal)
COLA ID#508 Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation
• CA ID#CFL315 State of California License
• California Tissue Bank License #CNC80067